Am I billed for my renters insurance coverage in advance?


Will I receive a statement or bill in the mail for my renters insurance policy?

No. Your policy is setup with recurring automatic payments per your authorization and we will continue to deduct the payments on your billing date until you request to have the policy canceled.

How do you determine the billing date for my renters insurance policy?

Your billing date is 2 weeks before your next coverage period. This provides us the time needed to contact you and prevent a lapse in coverage in the event your authorized payment method is declined for any reason.

Why am I getting charged again in less than a month for my renters insurance policy?

On monthly payment terms, the 1st payment is charged at the time of purchase and the 2nd payment is charged two weeks before your next coverage period. This date also becomes your billing date for each month going forward. The reason for charging 2 weeks before your 2nd month’s coverage start date is to have enough time to contact you in the event that your authorized payment method is declined for any reason. This way we can prevent a lapse in your coverage due to non-payment.

Does my renters insurance policy cancel automatically at the end of the lease term?

No. You need to contact TenantSure and request a cancellation. You can do this online through your Resident Portal.

How do I cancel my renters insurance policy fromTenantSure?

You can cancel your insurance policy directly online through your resident portal. Prior to cancelling please ensure you are still meeting your legal lease obligations.

Would my property receive proof of my tenant insurance policy automatically?

If your property is on our pre-approved list then yes we will send proof of insurance directly to your property.

Does it cost extra to add roommates to my renters insurance policy?

No, your roommates that are listed on the lease are covered as well

Why do I need renters insurance?

Tenant insurance coverage protects you from having to pay out for any damages you accidentally cause to your apartment, the common building where you reside, or any other resident’s property. It also protects you if you are held responsible for injury to another person. Without Tenant Insurance to protect you from unexpected accidents, you could lose your apartment and be liable for thousands of dollars in damages.