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Property Coverage

Property coverage for your personal contents at full Replacement Cost at a limit you choose, including money, improvements you make to your home and your business equipment.

Spoilage to food in your Freezer from accidental power outage up the Property limit you choose.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability protection with a limit you choose. This coverage is usually required in your lease with limits up to $5,000,000 for damage or injury to others in your building or anywhere in Canada or the world except the USA. If you need USA coverage we can also help.

Up to $1,000,000 for accidental Fire Legal Liability for damage your unit from a fire, explosion or water damage you caused

Medical Expenses

Medical Expenses for injury to others maintaining your property, including from pets – up to $5,000 with no deductible.

Living Expenses

Living Expenses while your unit is repaired up to the chosen Contents limit.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud up to $10,000.

Identity Theft Expenses

Identity Theft Expenses up to $10,000.

Property Damage Expense

Property Damage Expense for intentional damage to your rental unit from pets or children (12 and under) up to $5,000.

Domestic Employee Personal Accident

Domestic Employee Personal Accident coverage for Injury to cleaners and other staff like babysitters up to $50,000.

Pre-Approved with NO CREDIT CHECKS.
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Tenant Insurance covers kitchen fires, water damage, burglary, most incidents of mother nature, and much more– buy your insurance now.

  • Complete Coverage – in compliance with your Lease Agreement
  • Personal Liability up to $5,000,000
  • Fire Legal Liability Up to $1,000,000
  • Pre-Approved – No Credit Checks
  • Personal Property Protection at Full Replacement Costs
  • Additional Emergency Living Expenses
  • Credit Card Fraud Coverage
  • Identity Theft Expenses
  • Accidental Property Damage Expense Coverage

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