About Us

The story of Chase and Charley


chaseMeet Chase – lives in the residency down the street. The building recently had a pipe burst, causing major water damage to many of the resident’s units. Chase lost his brand new iPhone, iPad and MacBook from the water damage.

charleyMeet Charley – lives two floors below Chase. Charley also lost his brand new iPhone and iPad, as well as his electric guitar, his watch and his stereo equipment including speakers.

The question is… who would you rather be?


“Because of smart planning by Chase when he moved in, he had the right tenant insurance in place with TenantSure, covering and all of his damaged items up to the policy limits that he smartly chose.



Charley did not have tenant insurance, and it cost him thousands of dollars to replace his damaged stuff.



The buildings insurance DOES NOT cover damage or loss to your personal property or your liability should you cause damage to the building or other persons.


TenantSure…is coverage for ALL

The TenantSure program has been specifically designed to help ensure that all of our buildings residents are in the same boat as Chase. Meaning, should anything unforeseen happen that causes damage to the units and personal property of the tenants, all residents are safe and fully covered.*


Tenant insurance from TenantSure protects you from potential exposed risks, plus;

  • It satisfies the landlords legal requirements that all residents have their own Insurance
  • It’s fully integrated into your resident portal for easy claims notice to professional licensed adjusters you can trust
  • As a tenant in the building you are fully pre-approved; no credit checks
  • It covers your pet injury and gives you complete pet liability coverage
  • It provides Emergency Living Expenses
  • It includes full Replacement Cost coverage
  • It includes coverage for roommates


For pennies a day you will have the peace of mind and coverage you need –
and are legally required to have – to live in this building.


It’s better to be Chase; it’s much better to be safe!


*Individual insurance policy deductibles may apply to any claims field